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About Xia Che

Dr. Che, Xia Lic.Ac. holds  licenses with the State of California Acupuncture Board and Washington State Department of Health,  and diploma of  National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine(NCCAOM). She is also a NCCAOM PDA Provider(Continuing Education Sponsor). She is currently practicing acupuncture and Oriental Medicine at the Rejuvenation and Longevity Clinic in Torrance, California and Mukilteo, Washingtion.

Dr Che began practicing Oriental Medicine in China since 1994. Her professional practice knowledge is founded not only from formal university coursework(Doctor degree of Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine), but also from several prestigious Traditional Chinese Medicine Grand masters. She specialized in I-ching and Taichi with master teachers in these areas.  In August, 2008, the research and discovery of Taijiquan by one of her major Taichi grand master who was also a surgeon and physician is approved as Intangible Cultural Heritage by the government of Chengdu, China. One of the grand master who is specializing in Diabetes and its complications like various eye conditions. etc is  recognized as one of  the top ten specialists in the medical field selected by the National Administrative Bureau of Traditional Chinese Medicine for the 20th century in 1999 in Beijing, China.  Dr. Che has studied with these masters and physicians, indicates that she has received from them directly specialized training. A famous Chinese saying in the Traditional Chinese Medical field by both Sun Simiao (a doctor and herbalist of the Sui and Tang dynasty) and Zhang Zhong Jing (a doctor in Han dynasty) says that one who does not know “Yi (I-Ching)” cannot be said to be a great doctor.

In contemporary history, China has had to deal with many political-economic influences as a result of invasion and war which damaged or destroyed much of the effective part of the traditional heritage that had been accumulated for over five thousand years. Following the vision of Chairman Mao Ze Dong to build up the new China with an effort to preserve and restore its Traditional Chinese medicine, the present government has a long way to go. ..So within the academic setting, education is just a foundation.   If  one wants to attain Chinese medical excellence,  one must  follow good traditional grand masters who are recipients of centuries of knowledge.

Dr. Che, Xia Lic.Ac. was fortunate to become a direct student of these masters. Her study and learning from these great elder traditional grand masters combined with her scholastic knowledge that involves formal medical science  gives her an in-depth working knowledge of diagnosis and all aspects of treatment encompassing acupuncture, herbology and taichi physical therapy.

Her passion is to apply her learning and wisdom in contributing her comprehensive knowledge  to restore the health and wellbeing of her patients.

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