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Chronic Pain, Swollen Joints( Lynnwood, Washington)

My daughter who is 12 years old and has been suffering from chronic pain from swelling of the joints for 10 years. She has had many anti-inflamatories from western medicine doctors. It help with the swelling but then my daughter would have the fatigue and not feeling well from the Remicade infusions and the Methletrixate shots. I would try and find non invasive treatments to help with the side effects. My daughter, said she didn’t want to do the medications anymore. I met Dr. Che and she explained her methods. Just knowing her birthday she was able to tell where her pain was and some the issues that were present in the body without us telling her anything else. At the first visit, my daughter was having a lot of pain in her jaw. With one needle, my daughter said pain was gone. The 2nd visit my daughter had knee pain, one needle and pain was gone. After the 3rd visit my daughter had a lot more energy and was out rough housing with her friends, riding bikes up and down hills. Amazing! Dr. Che said that spring is the best time to be doing this treatment. She has about 9 more treatments. Dr. Che is worth every penny. I-Ching is very different than your normal acupuncture. My daughter doesn’t think it hurts and it is very relaxing!


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