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TCM Telehealth Treatments for COVID-19 Conditions (Salt Lake City, Utah)

I was infected with COVID-19 and diagnosed in mid-March, 2020. After two weeks of hard struggle [in quarantine], I finally passed the dangerous period. However, both lungs had been infected and it felt rather hard to recover. Every day I was very weak, often with chest tightness and difficult breathing; my back was especially painful. In the meantime, my friend recommended me to use Dr. Che’s Eight Acupoint prescription. I do not know anything about traditional Chinese medicine, and I know nothing about acupoints. So, I did not have any trust and confidence in this. On the other hand, during my difficult period of illness, I was willing to try anything. I thought that anyway just me doing the pressing should not make it worse. Even if I did not do it correctly, at least it will not make it worse. So I took a “try” attitude; every day I began to press the eight acupoints introduced by Dr.Che.
In the first two days, I mainly devoted my energy to finding the right locations of the acupoints. Once I felt that the location of the acupoints had been mastered, I pressed each one 200 times twice a day at 10:00am in the morning and about 3:00pm in the afternoon. I pressed on each acupoint, left side alternating to right side and vice versa for about forty minutes or so. Because I am basically a lazy person, I am rarely willing to spend time and energy on myself. But during this period of illness, I was so powerless to do other things that I could barely commit to pressing them twice a day. At the beginning of the pressing session, I could occasionally feel that the acupoints were connected. For example, when I pressed on the leg acupoints, I could feel the sense of soreness and distention on the foot acupoints. However, not all acupoints had the same feeling. Sometimes, according to the foot acupoints, I could feel a reaction in the stomach area. It felt comfortable, but sometimes there would be burping or flatulence. At the beginning of those days, although I did not know how much it would help my pneumonia recovery, at least I was beginning to feel good in the stomach and intestines. During the process of pressing, that acupoint part also started to feel comfortable. So, I just kept on pressing for more than a week, and I gradually got used to it. Later, one day, after taking care of my children for a while in the morning, I was very, very tired. I felt my chest becoming very tight and my breathing was not smooth. So I sat in a chair in the yard and wanted to take a break in the sun. Naturally, I used this moment to start pressing the acupoints. When I pressed the second acupoint, I immediately felt my chest open and relax. At that moment, I was a little surprised and was wondering if it happened by accident. However, there were a few more times in the next few days that as long as I pressed on these particular acupoints, my chest immediately opened again. As Dr. Che said, pressing these eight acupoints is equivalent to using a ventilator. I was skeptical at the time, but after these personal experiences and observations, I believed it. I began to marvel at what seemed “magical” about these Traditional Chinese Medicine acupoints. Although I do not understand the principles, this experience has aroused my desire to learn and understand.
This illness has made me deeply aware of the meaning of the words “Essence, Qi and Spirit”. When one has the spirit, one can’t feel it, because this is the norm of life. However, when one becomes weak in their body, vitality becomes weaker and weaker, and one can feel how very important “Essence, Qi and Spirit” really are. This time when I was ill, I felt as if my spirit was about to run out; there was a shortage of my body’s essence and Qi; even bowel movements and urination were difficult; this powerlessness resulted in both constipation and frequent urination.
Further, not to mention basic daily life, it was difficult for me to take care of myself. This time through the pressing of the Eight acupoints as part of the treatment of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I obviously felt that my body’s essence and spirit were becoming enough, even though it was only 80% better. I now have the strength to play along with my children. Also, I have the strength to argue with my husband. After being trapped at home for five weeks because of the illness, now I couldn’t help getting into the car and driving to the supermarket at the bottom of the mountain to buy a lot of food, and I couldn’t wait to get home. I actually did housework for the whole afternoon.
This is the most physical labor I have done since I was ill. I didn’t even have the strength to speak before, but now I can do so much more in one breath. I have to say that this recovery is already great! Now, with the exception of a little bit of back pain, other symptoms are basically not obvious. Last week, I had a second novel coronavirus test, the results are negative! Thanks to the Eight “magical” Acupoints recommended by Dr. Che, as well as the Chinese medical volunteers in my community who are silently contributing their time and service to the COVID-19 patients.




Wunian Y.
April 28, 2020


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