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Frozen Shoulder (Redondo Beach, California)

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder I had constant severe pain with any movement of my left arm. I was not able to sleep due to pain. I don’t tolerate pain medication due to nausea and frankly they make me feel worse. I had physical therapy, a cortisone injection with no relief. On my first visit with Dr. Che and her assistant practitioner here in Torrance I had pain relief. After my first visit I was able to sleep and had more movement in my arm. First time in 4 months. My shoulder is getting better after my second treatment. Although my shoulder is still recovering and still a little achy at times during the day after my recommended exercises I feel much better. I feel so fortunate to have found such a wonderful caring doctor. This acupuncture was very different from what I received in the past, she also stated that this type of acupuncture is more effective and I believe it. It has helped me feel much better. Thank you Dr. Che!!

Barbara RN

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