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Nichole Cleland’s Testimonial(Marysville, Washington)

In ONE visit with Dr. Che, the neck pain was completely Prior to starting my acupuncture treatment with Dr. Che, I had chronic neck pain that 2 chiropractors, spine specialists, physical therapists and massage for over 10 years with no significant relief. eliminated. Even after taking a 2 week break shortly after starting treatment, my neck pain has not returned.

I also have developed a significant pain around the psoas/Quadratus lumborum region that no one has been able to “fix” and although acupuncture has not fully relieved the pain, it is greatly lessened.

Dr. Che has taken the time to teach exercises, explaining time of day for exercise, and how to manage my specific body type based on Asian principles.

At the midpoint of my treatment, my lower back went into massive spasms to the point of not being able to walk. The pain was at a level to cause light headedness and I nearly fainted in the shower. I told myself, “if I can get to the car and to my acupuncture appointment, Dr. Che can make it better”, so I did.. And she did. She extended the appointment to target that severe back pain and she got it to the point where I could comfortably walk- although slowly- again. Before, when I’ve had that happen, it had taken a month to get enough movement in my back to be functional again, and Dr. Che did it in an hour and a half.

I just can’t stress how much hope I have now that I might get my body back after all these ruinous joint and tendon problems have robbed me of exploring the world and life, all thanks to Dr. Che!!


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