Shoulder pain, chronic sinus with lifetime breathing issue(Everett, Washington)

I had shoulder pain that wouldn’t go away.  The third needle into my first session my sinses cleared up.  I have had a lifetime issue with my breathing.  I am now able to breathe through my nose and actually get a good breathe of air.  The other positives is that during the session energy runs through my entire body

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Acute Tonsillitis and lost voice (Bothell, Washington)

I have a voice again! While I still sounds a bit like Kermit, the fact that I can talk above a whisper is awesome. I’m also enjoying being able to actually eat without crying for the first time in 3 days. Thank you for the acupuncture treatment today! Thank you to PBN member Dr. Xia Che who managed... Read more »

Neck and back pain,chest pain tight and weight gain(Torrance, California)

This is amy first time approaching traditional Chinese whole body healing to health. And my goodness for the first One visit  it was a cheerful and exciting experience that affected my whole body. I felt no similar pain to the folowing problems that I had before the threatment began (neck and back pain o-wee, chest pain tight, and weight gain. Well,

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Frozen Shoulder (Redondo Beach, California)

I was diagnosed with frozen shoulder I had constant severe pain with any movement of my left arm. I was not able to sleep due to pain. I don’t tolerate pain medication due to nausea and frankly they make me feel worse. I had physical therapy, a cortisone injection with no relief. On my first visit with Dr. Che and

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