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Zhang San Feng Daoist Health Taichi: An Integrative Element for My Bone Health Regimen (Los Angeles, California)

Tai Chi has been a long time on-and-off source of exercise for me over the last twenty years. As I approached my early seventies and faced my osteoporosis issues along with several fractures resulting from trip-and-fall events, I started taking it more seriously. Among several medically integrative strategies to deal with my condition, I sought out Dr. Che’s help with

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TCM Telehealth Treatments for COVID-19 Conditions (Salt Lake City, Utah)

I was infected with COVID-19 and diagnosed in mid-March, 2020. After two weeks of hard struggle [in quarantine], I finally passed the dangerous period. However, both lungs had been infected and it felt rather hard to recover. Every day I was very weak, often with chest tightness and difficult breathing; my back was especially painful. In the meantime, my friend

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Shoulder pain, chronic sinus with lifetime breathing issue(Everett, Washington)

I had shoulder pain that wouldn’t go away.  The third needle into my first session my sinses cleared up.  I have had a lifetime issue with my breathing.  I am now able to breathe through my nose and actually get a good breathe of air.  The other positives is that during the session energy runs through my entire body

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Acute Tonsillitis and lost voice (Bothell, Washington)

I have a voice again! While I still sounds a bit like Kermit, the fact that I can talk above a whisper is awesome. I’m also enjoying being able to actually eat without crying for the first time in 3 days. Thank you for the acupuncture treatment today! Thank you to PBN member Dr. Xia Che who managed... Read more »
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