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Winter Solstice: Seasonal Tune-up

Traditional Chinese Medicine accounts for specific balancing treatments in preparation for each season of the year. In Yellow Empero’s Canon Internal Medicine (tr. by Nelson Liansheng Wu and Andrew Qi Wu, China Science & Technology Press, 1997), Chapter 1 entitled “On Human Preserving Health Energy in Ancient Times”, the Yellow Emperor asked of Qibo, the Taoist Master, “…people in ancient times could all survive to more than one hundred years old…What is the reason?” The Master answered: “Those who knew the way of keeping a good health in ancient times always kept in their behavior in daily life in accordance with the nature….They were able to modulate their daily life in harmony with the way of recuperating the essence and vital energy, thus they could master and practices the way of preserving good health.” This is further discussed in Chapter 2 “On Preserving Health in Accordance with the Four Seasons.” Therefore, each of the four seasons is a preparation for the coming seasonal period. For example, ten days before or after December 21, 2012 would be ideal for patients to receive an acupuncture treatment, in order to balance their vital energy for the fall season. This is especially important for those who were born in Dragon year, Dog year, Ox year and Sheep year. Even if you are feeling very healthy, it is a good practice to routinely maintain your health

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