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Rosy Riera-Schwartz’s Testimonial (Redondo Beach, California)

Dear Dr. Che, Thank you for treating my family through out the years.  You have been very competent in treating my husband, David with a sciatica problem.   He had a difficult time getting out of bed, sitting, walking, etc. because it was very painful for him.  He was advised by his physician to go under surgery. I am glad he decided to get acupuncture treatments with you instead of surgery.  David has not had a problem with his sciatica since you treated him few years ago.  In addition, I would like to thank you for treating my brother with his leg due to an old injury, my mother with her knee problem and me with my menopause symptoms.  We strongly believe in acupuncture. We recommend your service to any of our friends and family. Rosy Riera-Schwartz, MBA, Real Estate Broker