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Anson’s testimonial

 Anson:  I have been seeing Dr. Che for several years now.  Prior to Dr. Che, I was seeing another acupuncturist only when I had my periodic severe allergic reactions that resulted in full body hives for long periods of time.  At the time, I was only seeking immediate relief when I should have also been seeking for the root cause of my condition.

Dr. Che took the time to educate me on the causes of my condition and proceeded to treat me accordingly.  Since I started seeing Dr. Che, I have not had even one occurrence of hives.  In addition, Dr. Che has also been able to help me with my history of back and shoulder pain that was escalated after a severe car accident.  In addition, I always feel a sense of well being and an overall increase in energy whenever I receive treatment.

Dr. Che is extremely knowledgeable and thorough.  She has also always been very encouraging and supportive with me and has made a dramatic positive impact in my health.  I have full trust in Dr. Che and highly recommend her practice.

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